We believe in treating people and nature with respect. Natural materials are the key to high quality collections. We help you to build your products or sales range.

We bring materials and collections from the world’s first Fair Trade designers to ethical seekers like you. Beautifully tailored styles that respect artisan craft, fair wages and nature friendly practices are worth the wait.

By choosing natural, ecological and high quality materials you will also discover that less is more. Invest in timeless pieces. Use them for a long time, mend them and pass them on with pride.


We also offer product design & development services through state-of-the-art tools, methods and processes.

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and develop durable, natural and ecological material solution with us.


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Sanna and Olli


Our greatest teacher on sustainability has been fair trade principles and network of its diverse representatives from all over the world.

Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equality in international trade. The goal is that all our products are made according to Fairtrade standards. Meaning fair pricing, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world enabling makers to improve their position and have more control over their lives.

We are engaged in supporting producers, awareness raising and exhibiting collections - dedicated to making products and business in a sustainable way. We want to be leading the way towards Fair Trade business models together with companies, organisations and influencers.

Pictures on the right -> People Tree.


We promote Mifuko, that mission is to bring joy to our customers with high quality design products, while improving the welfare of women in rural areas of Africa

Mifuko honours the rich heritage of African handicraft skills and Nordic design. Mifuko baskets, bags and home décor products are made by more than 1,300 women artisans.

By choosing Mifuko, you become part of a global movement for positive change. As a proud member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), Mifuko ensure fair wages and provide consistent orders, supporting entire communities for a brighter future.

Discover the beauty of design with a purpose. Each Mifuko product is a unique, handmade masterpiece that weaves together classic Nordic design, traditional African handicraft, and the story of a strong, independent woman. You’ll find her name written on the tag, symbolising her individual journey.


Picture below Sanna Leino and Women's Skills Developement Center founder and the team at Internationa Fair Trade Summit.


We are delighted that women in Finland enjoy a high degree of equality. Their position in society and business is well-respected.

However, only less than 10% of the startup funding amounts has been granted for innovations and important businesses established by women. This has an impact on the development that is important for women. We want to change this inequality.

Women are leaders, change makers, care takers, peace keepers - so much more. UN WOMEN campaign #orangetheworld highlights also that ending violence against women is everyone’s business. >

Our Karmashop is a heart that stores wisdom, now over 15 years. It promotes and sell e.g. People Tree, Mifuko, Moi Namaste, Shadeshares and Inkuto produts. Karma.fi shears knowledge and information about ecological materials and where the products have improved the lives of people.

Our development project in Nepal stand for equal opportunities & equal rights. Supporting women across the globe benefits especially underprivileged communities. That is why we are here to give a voice to hard working, wise women and their achievements in securing people in vulnerable positions.

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