Woven Cashmere Scarf - Almond

Cashmere by Store of Hope

A lovely woven scarf is light but yet will keep you warm. Made from one of the warmest natural fibers, cashmere, this accessory is made to be your favorite all year around. Our cashmere products are hand made, sustainably produced in Nepal. 

Size: 70 cm x 200 cm.

Our cashmere wool comes from goats living in the mountains of central Asia. During the cold winter goats grow a thick underwool that makes cashmere a fine, strong, yet light and soft material. Cashmere fiber is approximately three times more insulating than sheep wool. The properties of cashmere depend on the humidity of the air, meaning it is suitable for many different climates, even the warm ones. 

Cashmere works best when mixed with another fiber. That is why we use a combination of 50% lamb wool and 50% cashmere wool which ensures a durable product that will last for years.

Store of Hope carried a vision of a fair world in hearts. Factory is located in Kathmandu, Nepal. All products were made in fair-practice settings bringing opportunities to those who have not had them previously. Store of Hope believed in sustainable fashion, so they made sure every aspect of business, materials and the individuals they partnered with meet high ethical standards. Store of Hope products are not yet fair trade certified.

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