Large Knitted Cashmere Scarf - Sand

Cashmere by Store of Hope

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  • Standard orders within Europe from 11,00€

Softness and warmness in our large knitted scarf. Made from the softest materials, cashmere & fine wool. This knitted essential will be your wardrobes new staple peace from season to season. Be ready to face adventures wrapped in warm comfort, stylish as ever. 

Material: 50% cashmere & 50% lamb wool, because cashmere works best when mixed with another fiber. 

Details: Rectangle with leather patch on one corner.

Size: 80 x 210 cm. 

How it's made: Store of Hope carried a vision of a fair world in hearts. Factory is located in Kathmandu, Nepal. All products were made in fair-practice settings bringing opportunities to those who have not had them previously. Store of Hope believed in sustainable fashion, so they made sure every aspect of business, materials and the individuals they partnered with meet high ethical standards. Store of Hope products are not yet fair trade certified. 

Care instructions: Take good care of your scarf by simply letting it air out every now and then. If needed, gently hand wash with a wool care product.